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Interstellar FX is a foreign exchange CFD broker known for its stability, safety and efficiency. The brand was established in 2011 and its business spreads all over the world and is subject to strict international supervision. After nearly ten years of development and precipitation, it has gradually grown into a world leader in foreign exchange and CFD trading.
Interstellar FX is committed to providing professional services to investors worldwide, including foreign exchange, indices, metals, energy and hundreds of financial derivatives. Over the years, Interstellar FX has built a strong strategic partnership with leading financial Institutions from around the world in order to be good at integrating the top-level resources, and combining their own superb industry technologies in order to provide abundant, stable and reliable liquidity quotation solutions for their clients.
Deep Cultivation Technology- Interstellar FX Development history
Interstellar FX has continued to focus on research and development at transaction levels since 2012 on a lot of top foreign exchange technology companies. After four(4) years of continuous excellent products, accumulated rich industry experience and the trust of partners, a solid foundation was laid for the expansion of the business.
In 2015, the global foreign exchange trading industry took a blow-out. With Interstellar FX relying on high-quality industry technology, It took advantage of this time to enter the foreign exchange market rapidly, focusing on European customers. It has since provided a stable platform for tens of thousands of outstanding foreign exchange traders, has made brilliant achievements and has created a monumental breakthrough.
In 2018, Interstellar FX extended its foreign exchange business from Europe to the world, with top technology and top service, and took root in the Asian Market in that same year. The development in Asia gave the group a pleasant surprise. Just a few months into Asia, Interstellar FX, with its professional, convenient and efficient service qualities, has gained a large number of recognition and recommendations from well-known Asian investors, and the number of platform users have soared in just half a year. Good word-of-mouth will gradually push Interstellar FX to the top.....

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