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Interstellar FX has long maintained a strong strategic partnership with leading financial institutions and top global banks from around the world: UBS, JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank and many more. Interstellar FX is good at integrating top resources and doing everything possible to protect the safety of investors' funds and build a fully free, highly transparent, stable and secure trading environment for its customers...

Ultimate trading environment

1. Top mobile support 2. Multi-party security of funds 3. Full freedom of trading 4. Highly transparent market 5. Excellent liquidity

Fund Manager Scheme

Interstellar FX provides Fund Manager Account (MAM) for professional traders

Interstellar FX provides Funds Manager Account (MAM) for professional traders. Our fund manager account is available only to professionals who operate multiple accounts simultaneously.

Interstellar FX provides a multi-account management system for Mt4 users

The Muti-Account Management System has flexible profit allocation mode, the transaction time of all orders, the execution price is clear and visible and the account can be added and subtracted and anytime

Interstellar FX provides cTrader for cTrader users

cTarder Copy is a fully integrated cTrader feature and flexible investment platform that allows replication of trading strategies and provides its own strategies for replication by other cTraders. This is an easy-to-use reliable solution with well-defined cost systems and transparent strategic information and history, providing a simple replication mechanism for cTrader to log onto the cTrader Web application using the cTrader ID. You can go into the “Copy” section, look at the available policies, compare their history, details and fees, allocate funds and start copying any one of them from the cTrader Copy homepage without any long-term commitment.


1. Powerful Servers 2. Three Trading Platforms 3. Multiple Account Types 4. An Abundance of Products 5. Regulatory Safeguards 6. Trading Multiple Accounts Simultaneously 7. No quotation delays 8. Flexible Profit Distribution

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